Waxing Consent Form Template

The sanitary regulations are changing rapidly in the post-pandemic world. If you're running a waxing salon, you need to make sure that you're taking all the measures to protect your customers and yourself.

First of all, make sure to screen the health-state of your customers. If a person is not feeling well or has a fever, you should immediately reject servicing such a customer.

To protect your business from any unexpected legal liabilities, have all of your customers to fill out a waxing consent form. This might be a regular customer intake form that collects all the essential personal information of your customers and additionally asks them to acknowledge a full understanding of the waxing procedure and any risks involved.

We created this online waxing consent form to help you get started. You might remove or replace any form fields or visuals, but please pay attention to the date and signature fields on the second page — those are crucial for the validity of the customers' consent.