Permanent Makeup Consent Form Template

If you're running a studio that provides permanent makeup or microblading services, it's crucial that you collect some essential information and consent from your customers. First of all, it's required by law in most countries. And secondly, collecting formal consent to undergo the permanent makeup procedure will help you to avoid any legal troubles or disputes with your customers.

The good news is — you don't have to start from a blank page. We built this beautiful consent form to help you get started. To duplicate and start editing it, simply hit the button "Use this template" below.

The first two pages of this form collect all the personal and medical history information of your customers. The third page collects the actual consent to do the permanent makeup. Please consult a professional lawyer and replace the text fields on that page with your own provisions.

Finally, you might use a special "Signature" field in Paperform to collect e-signatures from your customers. Please note that the validity of the e-signatures might depend on your country of residence and other factors.