Tattoo Consent Form Template

If you're running a tattoo studio, you're most likely obliged by the law to collect consent to be tattooed from your customers. Now, you have two options: use a traditional form made of paper, or use an online form. The latter option has many advantages.

First of all, if you're collecting consent via an online form, you can send it over to your customers before their appointment. They can then read through all the terms and fill out the necessary information whenever it's convenient for them. When people are filling out the consent forms right before their tattoo session starts, they're usually stressed and might miss certain important clauses in the agreement.

Secondly, the information submitted through an online form cannot be easily lost. You can even synchronize your tattoo consent form with an external service like Google Sheets or a CRM system of your choice.

Paperform even allows you to collect electronic signatures from your customers (this feature is available on Pro and Agency plans.

Click the button to make this tattoo consent form yours and start customizing it. In the meantime, should you have any questions about Paperform, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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