Medical Consent Form Template

This medical consent form is a legal document allowing someone other than a parent or guardian with temporary rights to seek and provide healthcare and healthcare decisions on behalf of their child/minor.

The medical consent forms are usually requested by the medical institutions, but might as well be used by educational or recreational organizations.

Hit the button "Use this template" below to duplicate the form and import it into your Paperform account. Once it's there, you can start customizing your form. The default template is quite short and collects only the basic information like the names of the guardian and of the minor, their birth dates, and the date when the consent is given. If you want to, you can extend the form to collect more information — for example, you might want to let your responders select what kinds of medical procedures could be performed.

To let your responders formally express their consent, you might also collect their signatures online — simply add a Signature field to your form.