Drug Test Consent Form Template

If you are running a clinic or a clinical research facility, you are most likely obliged to collect formal consent from your patients to participate in the clinical studies. And while the most common practice is to bombard the patients with paperwork, there's a better way around collecting consent.

Paperform allows you to build secure and bespoke online consent forms that your patients wouldn't hate filling out. Along with consent, you can also collect all the other patient information, automate transactional emails, and even collect payments. Apart from the convenience for the patients, all the collected data is digital from the get-go, allowing you to easily synchronize it between systems and potentially saving your staff dozens of hours of manual data entry work.

Ready to get started? Check out the template below that our team prepared for you. You can play around with the fields, put through a test submission, and if you like — import this template into your Paperform account and tailor it to your needs.