Medical Release Form Template

In most countries, doctors cannot access their patients' medical history information without patients' formal consent. To grant the consent, the patients are usually required to sign a standardized document, which is later scanned, and emailed or faxed to the institution where the medical records are being stored.

If you're looking to streamline this process in your hospital, you should consider using online forms instead of traditional paper documents. We created this medical release form template below to showcase how it might look and work.

The first section "Patient Contact Details" collects all the personal information of the patient that is granting the consent to the doctor. The following section "Medical Release Authorisation" asks the patient to fill out the full name of the doctor to whom the consent is given, agree to the "Authorisation and Consent Agreement", and submit an electronic signature. You might have noticed that the three last fields only appear after the first question in the second section is answered. You can easily set up this form behavior for other questions as well in the "Configure" menu.

Once the authorization has been given, you might automatically generate PDF summaries of the submissions and email them to all the parties involved. Should you have any questions about Paperform, do not hesitate to contact our customer success team through the live chat in the bottom right corner.