Informed Consent Form Template

Create a simple yet good-looking informed consent form template. Customize the fields as necessary, add your logo and branding, collect signatures — handling consent documents has never been easier and more fun.

The informed consent forms are used, among others, by healthcare organizations to inform the patients of the risks associated with different kinds of treatment. Make sure that your consent form is easy to read and doesn't overwhelm your patients. After all, it's best if they can easily read through the form to understand all the implications of signing it. If your informed consent form is quite lengthy, consider breaking it down into multiple pages.

Paperform makes it very easy to collect signatures to confirm that the customers agree to all the terms listed on the form. All of your collected information is going to be stored securely in your Paperform's account. You can also set up direct integrations with third-party apps like Google Sheets to minimize the time wasted on migrating the data manually.

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