On Paperform it is easy to include payments, products, and donations (pay what you want) on your forms. On Pro and Agency plans you can also create subscriptions.

To see how to configure a payment, watch the short tutorial or read the instructions below.

How to use products

Our ‘Product’ question type is used to capture the purchase of specific items. The product question can be configured so that different products can be purchased at the same time, and at different quantities.

  1. Add a question to the form, and choose “Products” from the dropdown of question types.
  2. Go to configure to the right of the field.
  3. Set the toggles to reflect your choice of question required, and if you want to allow customers to buy more than one product at a time.
  4. .Using the "products" tab, add your products. Note that every product must have a unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). This is what is used to track which specific products have been sold. Paperform automatically generates this, but you can change it if you would like.
  5. Optionally set stock limits, and the maximum number of each product a customer can purchase.
  6. Optionally upload images.
  7. Under the "Appearance" tab you can choose different layouts for the product field, and optionally hide the prices of the products.

How to use the price field (fixed payments or donations)

Our ‘Price’ field is great for simple payments, like if you’re selling one thing. It allows you to require an amount without the complexity setting up full products. By default, a price question is read only, but if you would like the end user to be able to enter their own amount, simply toggle off “Question is read only”.

To use a price field;

  1. Add a question, and in the dropdown box choose ‘Price’.
  2. Go to the question configuration to the right of the question, and set the price under the “Default answer”.
  3. Optionally toggle off “Question is read only” if you want the submitter to be able to set their own price. This is great for donations

Custom pricing rules

If you want to create a form with complex calculation logic (if they answer x, then multiply the total amount by 4 etc), or add a fee as a fixed rate or percentage, see Custom Pricing Rules.

Use prices and products without charging

If you want to create a payment form that doesn’t actually take the payment, simply choose “No Account” as the payment account under Configure → Payments of the form. This is great for creating quotes.