How can I make an email come from me?

When setting up a custom email address, you can optionally specify the "From Address" which the email will be sent from.

You can specify your own "From Address"Custom From Address

When this is set to a valid email address, we will attempt to send the email on behalf of that address.

Generally, this works fine, and the email address will be successfully sent (possibly with some kind of "via" message on display).

Don't use it unless you really need to!

Sending emails on behalf of another email address can have a significant negative impact on deliverability, which means the email may not make it into the inbox of the person you're sending it to. Also, if the email address that it is being sent from has DMARC enabled, then the email may not be sent at all.

If you would really like to use this, and you have technical access to do so, you can improve the likelihood of emails being delivered by adding to your domain's SPF record.

What to use instead

For most use-cases, we recommend setting the "From Name" and "Reply To" address options instead of the "From Address". With both of these options set, the receiver will see the specified name as the sender's name, and if they reply to the email, the reply will go to the specified reply to address.

Yahoo Addresses

Emails sent on behalf of yahoo addresses will automatically fall back to being sent from the default Paperform email address (, as yahoo does not allow emails to be sent by third parties for addresses.

If you have any other instances of domains that are blocked like yahoo, please contact us at