Yes, you can easily add a file or image upload field to your form. Ask your audience to upload an image or other types of files by using the respective fields in the form editor.

Image Upload fields are used to ask your users to specifically upload image files to the form. The field is different to ‘File Upload’ because it allows you to see a thumbnail of the image after uploading it, and also because it only allows you to upload image types. Accepted image formats are (jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, raw).

File Upload fields are used for every other type of file (non-image). They don’t include a thumbnail, and every file type is accepted.

To add a File or an Image field to your form;

  1. Click on the line in the editor where you want the field to be
  2. Choose the ‘Add Questions’ of the line to insert a field
  3. Choose either Image Upload or File Upload as the type using the dropdown ‘Type’ options
  4. Fill in the details, like field title “Please upload your file”, description, etc.
  5. Select ‘Configure’ to the right of the field to configure details like conditional logic, etc.

We support taking photos with image/file upload fields. Cell/mobile devices will automatically show the option to either upload from file or take a photo.

_Note on file uploads
When a file is uploaded to Paperform, it is given a unique, unguessable public URL so that anyone who has been given that URL will be able to access that file. This is necessary to be able to easily upload files to other services, or share files uploaded with people who are not a user of your Paperform account.