Creating Terms & Conditions Questions

Field Types

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Creating Terms and Conditions questions is easy using Paperform!

In most cases, you'll want to provide a checkbox option labeled "I agree" or something similar, which needs to be selected to indicate consent before the form can be submitted.

A question titled "Terms & Conditions," with two paragraphs of example terms added in the help text area. There is a single checkbox below, labeled "I agree."

This can be done using a Multiple Choice question with a single option. A checkbox will be used instead of a radio button when "Can choose more than one option" is toggled on in the configuration. If the question is also required, then the box will need to be checked in order for the submitter to proceed.

As a shortcut, you can create a question like this using a slash command:

  1. Click on a blank line in the editor where you want your new question to be.
  2. Enter this slash command: /terms
  3. A drop down window should appear. Select "Terms & Conditions" from the list provided.

The text "/terms" written directly on to the form in the editor, with a Quick Question option appearing below, "Terms & Conditions"

This will create a new Multiple Choice question, already set up with a single checkbox labeled "I agree." You can edit the title and help text of the question here, or click the cogwheel icon to the right to change the text of the option and configure other settings.

Style Options

In the example at the top of this page, the terms themselves are pasted directly into the help text for the question. For a different look, you could add them to the page as plain text.

An example set of Terms & Conditions written out in plain text on a form page. Below, there is a question "Do you agree to the terms above?" with a single checkbox option, "I agree."

Or, if you have your T&Cs on an outside web page already, consider using a hyperlink instead so that the form doesn't get too crowded with information.

A question, "Do you agree to our Terms & Conditions?" with the words "Terms & Conditions" acting as a link to another page. There is a single checkbox option, "I agree."

Links will always open in a new tab or window, so you don't need to worry about the submitter losing progress on the form.

On selected plans, you may also choose to add a Signature field at the end.

The same Terms & Conditions question with a link, this time with another field right below it. The new question is called "Signature" and there is a space labeled "SIGN HERE."


  • We don't currently support pop-up windows inside of the form, unless you're able to create them yourself using a custom HTML block (Selected plans only).
  • "Expandable" T&Cs are technically possible using section visibility logic, but the visibility would need to be triggered using the answer to a question. This could be another single checkbox, like "Show T&Cs" or something similar.