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This feature is available on Agency.

We support searching for and suggesting addresses using Google's services for "address" fields.

You'll need to set up access with Google Places API and provide us with the API key for us to enable this on your account. Note that this is different than autocomplete which uses information stored in your browser to fill in answers on forms where it believes those answers might fit. Follow the guidance below in order to get this configured for your account.

Create a Google Places API key

  1. Register for a paid account at
  2. Once your account is set up, open the menu and go to the Marketplace.
  3. Search for "Maps JavaScript API" and select it.
  4. On the next page, click "Enable" to enable the API.
  5. Once enabled, return to the marketplace and follow similarly for "Places API" and "Geocoding API."
  6. After all three APIs are enabled, head to APIs & Services > Credentials from the menu.
  7. Click "+ Create Credentials" and then "API key."
  8. After the key is created, select the "actions" for the key and then "Edit API key."
  9. Under "Application restrictions" select "HTTP referrers (web sites)."
  10. Click "Add" in "Website Restrictions" and input ** and click "Done" when finished.
  11. Repeat Step 10 for any custom domains you have as well.
  12. If desired, optionally restrict the key to certain APIs only under "API restrictions" by selecting the APIs that the key should be restricted to. If restricted, the key must be allowed to access, at a minimum, all three APIs enabled earlier – Maps JavaScript API, Places API, and Geocoding API.
  13. The API key is listed at the top of the key's configuration page.

Notify us via support

Once the setup (above) is complete and billing is enabled in Google Cloud, provide us with your API key by contacting us via support by using either of the following methods:

  • Live chat while logged in to your Paperform account
  • Email us at from the email associated with your Paperform account

Configure your "address" field to use Google's lookup services

When we have confirmed that your Google Places API key has been added to your account, it is ready for immediate use on your forms.

To enable it on forms:

  1. Enter the configuration of an "address" field on the form.
  2. Turn on "Google Address Search" in the field's configuration.


No address is suggested in an address field

Double-check all of the following:

  • "Google Address Search" is enabled in the field's configuration on the form
  • Billing is properly configured in Google Cloud
  • All three APIs – Maps JavaScript API, Places API, Geocoding API – are enabled in Google Cloud
  • Your Google Cloud API key is either unrestricted or restricted to the correct domain(s), including wildcards
  • Your Google Cloud API key is either unrestricted or restricted to at least the three APIs required

Addresses in submission data are inconsistent and/or deviate from expected norms

Using "Google Address Search" provides suggestions to respondents and allows them to select the desired suggestion from a list of potential matches. The respondent may ignore the suggestions or override the input the suggestion populates in the field itself.

Be sure to test your form to ensure it's working as intended and let us know if you have any further questions.