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How To Effectively Give And Receive Employee Feedback

Feedback is important to growing as a person and a business, but giving (or receiving) it is no walk...

26 Feb 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Increase Social Media Engagement: A Guide For 2021

Looking to boost your social media engagement, grow your following and increase brand awareness? Thi...

18 Feb 21 / Rafaella Aguiar

11 Best Paypal Alternatives In 2021

Looking for an alternative to PayPal? We've got you covered with our comprehensive guide to the best...

11 Feb 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Be A Good Interviewer: 10 Actionable Tips

Want to be a good interviewer? In this handy guide we outline 10 simple tips to help take your inter...

8 Feb 21 / Vlad Orlov

Payment Gateway Comparison: PayPal vs Stripe vs Braintree

The right payment gateway is crucial to the running of your ecommerce business. In this guide we com...

3 Feb 21 / Jack Delaney

The Marketing Research Process Explained In 6 Steps

Market research is a crucial tool for businesses to choose the best marketing strategies, and provid...

1 Feb 21 / Neal Schaffer

The Ultimate Guide To Photography Pricing

Starting your own photography business and not sure what to charge? In this handy guide we'll take y...

1 Feb 21 / Scott Wyden Kivowitz

How To Start A Charity: 9 Steps To Success

Want to change the world and start your own charity? No problem, in this guide we outline the steps ...

27 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

Real Estate Landing Pages In 2021: The Ultimate Guide For High Conversion

Find out how to create the best real estate landing page for high conversion. Plus, this guide even ...

20 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Record A Webinar In 10 Simple Steps

In this guide, Allison from Demio outlines the ten steps you'll need to plan and record a fantastic ...

17 Jan 21 / Allison Grinberg-Funes

How To Make A Stunning One-Page Website With Paperform

Looking for an alternative to traditional websites? In this post we'll show you how to create a one-...

13 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

40 Best Canva Alternatives For Effortless Graphic Design

Looking for a good alternative to Canva? In this guide, Sandra Goh reviews the best graphic design p...

8 Jan 21 / Sandra Goh

How To Open A Yoga Studio: 5 Actionable Tips From An Expert

Marketing wiz Chandelle Hay shares her exclusive tips on how to open a (successful) yoga studio.

4 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Create An HTML Contact Form From Scratch

Creating HTML forms can be a pain - that's why we've created this easy to follow guide to help you a...

22 Dec 20 / Jack Delaney

13 Best Zapier Alternatives To Automate Your Processes In 2021

Looking for a worthy alternative to Zapier? In this guide, we've reviewed the best automation platfo...

9 Dec 20 / Thierry Maout

Full Comparison: Google Forms Vs SurveyMonkey Vs Paperform

How do Google Forms and SurveyMonkey compare to Paperform? We've gone through the features of all th...

9 Dec 20 / Jack Delaney

How To Analyze Survey Results

Even the best survey won't be effective if you don't know how to analyze your survey data - here's o...

3 Dec 20 / Jack Delaney

13 Types Of Surveys (And How To Use Them To Improve Your Business)

With so many kinds of surveys, it can be difficult to know which is right for you - this guide will ...

25 Nov 20 / Jack Delaney

Survey Vs Questionnaire Vs Poll: What Are The Differences? (With Examples)

Wondering what the differences are between a survey, a questionnaire, and a poll? Allow us to explai...

19 Nov 20 / Jack Delaney

How To Create An Incident Report (Best Practices & Templates)

Need to know how to create an incident report? Look no further.

16 Nov 20 / Jack Delaney