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Simple Tips For Collecting Lead Data Automatically

A majority of your potential customers come and go, often without leaving a single trace. Here's how...

Aleksandra Nowak

Local Marketing for Small Businesses: Recession Edition

These strategies are a great resource for any time, but in times of uncertainty, putting your best f...

Jordan Parkes

7 Crucial KPIs & Metrics To Track For Your eCommerce Store

There’s no such thing as too much data, but there is such a thing as too many metrics. You don’t nee...

Mac Mischke

4 Reasons Paper Forms Are Stifling Your Workflow

Using paper isn't just bad for the environment, it can be detrimental for your business. That’s beca...

Nicholas Bouchard

3 Budget-Friendly Solutions for Social Media Market Research

Whether you want to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience or learn more about the gene...

Iva Anusic

8 Ways Landing Page Forms Accelerate Your Marketing Funnel

We look at 8 examples of web forms that will maximize the reach of your marketing and help your sale...

Jeff Crohn

300 Orders In 5 Days: How A Local Flower Shop Overcame COVID-19

Dennis Karle breaks down the simple strategy that allowed his client to transform their business and...

Vrinda Singh

4 Student Engagement Strategies for Your Online Classes

This year, online classes are paving the path for education. Universities have switched to useful on...

Jodie Lee

Creating A Paperless Office: 6 Solutions To Get You Started

Thanks to the evolution of tech, your journey to becoming a paperless office doesn’t have to be a ha...

Tegan Tedd

4 Types of eCommerce Emails To Send To Millennials

There’s always a risk, but plenty of reward if you’re sending out the right emails to your Millennia...

Jake Rheude

How To Start An Online Bakery (Or Move Your Existing Shop Online)

In light of COVID-19, many businesses will increasingly rely on online solutions to make sales. Now ...

Jodie Lee

COVID-19: Social Media Etiquette for Small Businesses

Whether you're running business-as-usual or have paused operations temporarily, there is plenty you ...

Iniobong Eyo

How To Work From Home & Thrive: 7 Tips From Our Remote Team

We share some of our favourite tips and tools to help you feel connected, productive and mentally so...

Vrinda Singh

Supporting Each Other Through COVID-19: Company Update

We want to do everything we can to make this time easier on your business. Here's our plan to help u...

Diony McPherson

How To Evaluate Marketing Campaigns: 5 Tips To Measure Success

To optimize your digital marketing campaigns and achieve the desired results, you need to properly e...

Emma Miller

3 Tips For What To Do After Someone Submits A Form

A new email pops up in your inbox. Someone has submitted a form on your website, asking for more inf...

Sujan Patel

The Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here we uncover the biggest errors that can determine whether subscribers fall in love with your ema...

Andriy Zapisotskyi

4 Ways To Unlock Search Engine Traffic in 2020

Let's explore the trending strategies you can use to unlock search engine traffic in 2020.

AbdulGaniy Shehu

12 Effective Ways to Boost Your Social Media Campaigns In 2020

In this guide, we'll be unpacking some of the best strategies you can use to boost your social media...

Marvellous Aham-adi

How Fast Shipping Gives Your eCommerce Store A Competitive Edge

Fast shipping can be your secret weapon in the competitive world of eCommerce, you just need to know...

Rachel Go

Your Guide To Digitalizing HR Forms

It's time for your HR department to go paperless with digital forms.

Vlad Shvets

How to Build a Sales Pipeline Using Video Marketing

Video is fast becoming one of the most valuable assets for forward-thinking sales organizations. And...

Amir Shahzeidi

Retargeting For eCommerce: 4 Strategies That Actually Drive Conversions

Here's everything you need to know about successful retargeting in 2020.

Jake Rheude

7 Effective Marketing Hacks For Events With A $0 Budget

Learn how to organize amazing events with $0 budget.

Savannah McIntosh

Shopify Forms: 6 Tips To Create A High-Converting Form

We applied psychology, UX principles and marketing tools to give you our 6 top tips for creating use...

Alexandra Sicot-Koontz

Customer Effort Score: How One Simple Survey Can Boost Customer Experience

Measuring CES can help you identify ways to boost loyalty and opportunities to serve your customers ...

Yaakov Karda

39 Best Web Development Tools In 2020

The speed of innovation in the web development space is accelerating every year. In this piece we’ll...

Dean McPherson

How To Use Negative Feedback To Improve Your Product Content

Learn about how negative customer feedback can help you improve your product content in your online ...

Giorgio Carpano

Top Email Subject Lines To Get The Most Out Of Your Form Captures

Learn how to write better email subject lines that will help you convert more subscribers into custo...

Rohan Mendiratta

Introducing Paperform Calculations!

Everything you need to know about our magical new features.

Vrinda Singh

Best Tools For Graphic Designers In 2020

Let’s review the most prominent graphic design tools of 2019, to help you pick the ones best suited ...

Vlad Shvets

Web Marketing For Dentists: 10 Best Ways To Get Clients

Let's take a closer look at some of the marketing opportunities available to dentists - both cosmeti...

Bethany Spence

Everything You Need to Know About Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel strategies are one of the hottest trends in digital marketing, allowing companies to cre...

Whitney Blankenship

Hiring Your First Employee: The Ultimate 6-Step Guide

Here’s a foolproof breakdown of how you can find, hire and retain that first employee and set them u...

Vrinda Singh

How to Sell Your Artwork Online: 6 Proven Strategies For A Steady Income

Let’s dive into some foolproof strategies to start selling your art and set up a reliable source of ...

Vrinda Singh

4 Email Newsletter Examples You Want to Steal Today

Here are 4 of the best email newsletters to inspire your own.

Téa Liarokapi

Rebranding Your Business: The 5-Step Strategy For Success

We recently sat down with Hayden Bleasel, Founder of award-winning design studio Jellypepper, to map...

Vrinda Singh

Ultimate Guide To Event Promotion In 2020: 10 Creative Ways To Promote

You've set the date and booked a venue. Now you just need to make sure people show up. Here's how to...

Olga Bedrina

Referral Marketing: 6 Foolproof Strategies For 2020

Here's how you can quickly build a successful referral marketing program with a small budget.

Anastasia Sviridenko

How To Get Clients As A Personal Trainer In 2020: 5 Fast Hacks

Coach Alan Ashley shares his exclusive secrets and tips on getting (and keeping) clients as a person...

Vrinda Singh

SEO vs. PPC: How to Get the Best of Both Worlds in 2020

How do you determine which tactic is better for your online presence? More importantly, can we combi...

Raul Harman

Why an eCommerce Newsletter is Crucial in 2020 (+ 5 Best Practices)

If you’re running a small or medium-sized eCommerce store and not relying too much on email marketin...

Danas Kurlavicius

7 Easiest Ways to Accept Payments Online in 2020

Here are 7 of the most convenient payment methods to choose from for your business.

Vrinda Singh

How To Create a Registration Form in HTML From Scratch

Providing your customers with simple signup and registration forms on your website is essential for ...

Vrinda Singh

Google Analytics For Beginners: How to Read Reports in 2020

Here we’ll demystify Google Analytics and help you to get the maximum insight out of its sophisticat...

Vrinda Singh

Business Process Automation: 5 Examples To Implement In 5 Minutes

Business process automation is the use of technology and tools to automate repetitive tasks to save ...

Vrinda Singh

Survey Response Bias: 3 Most Harmful Biases (& How To Avoid Them)

Completely removing response bias from your surveys is next to impossible, but taking the right step...

Vrinda Singh

In Conversation With Kyro Samaan, Senior UX Designer at Fox Sports Australia

We asked the Senior UX Designer at Fox Sports Australia some big questions on getting your first bre...

Vrinda Singh

The 9 Coolest Google Sheets Formulas & Hacks for 2020

Let’s dive into the Google Sheets formulas and hacks that’ll make your life easier, help you find ou...

Vrinda Singh

8 Simple Tips for Driving Consumer Reviews for Your Small Business

Reviews are becoming increasingly important to the success of your small business, so how can you go...

Claire Brenner

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Best Practices for Meaningful Insights

Getting your customers to respond to a survey might seem like a mission, but with the right targetin...

Vrinda Singh

4 Easy Ways To Test & Validate The Usability Of Your Website Today

For a business, running usability tests is the easiest way to make improvements that are backed by d...

Vrinda Singh

How to Use Video to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

We’re breaking down a few of the best ways you can start using video to really make an impact on you...

Hope Horner

10 Hacks to Grow Your Email List Fast & Make Everyone Want to Sign Up

Here are the tactics that can turn bulk up your email list and turn it into a revenue spinning chann...

Vrinda Singh

Best Items to Dropship Based on 2020 Trends & Market Insights

The world of eCommerce is rife with opportunity, but it’s also fiercely competitive. As a digital se...

Vrinda Singh

UX Design Portfolio: 6 Tips to Make Everyone Want to Hire You

With the competition for UX roles getting hotter everyday, your portfolio is a key way to stand out ...

Vrinda Singh

The Art of Surveys: Types of Survey Questions & Their Infinite Uses

No matter what the intention of your survey is, the types of questions you ask have a huge impact it...

Vrinda Singh

Bounce Rate: What It Is & How You Can Reduce Yours

Find out what a bounce rate is, what it means for your site and how you can reduce it.

Stephen Altrogge

8 UX Design Tools You Need to Use

A breakdown of the best tools in the market for UX Designers to create prototypes, measure usability...

Vrinda Singh

How to Get Web Design Clients Fast: The 7 Best Hacks

Landing clients is one of the toughest things an agency or freelancer faces. Here’s how to sell your...

Vrinda Singh

How to Start a Subscription Box Company in 5 Steps: The Ultimate Money-Making Guide

Starting a profitable subscription box company isn't as difficult or expensive as it seems. Here's o...

Vrinda Singh

Designing for Social Media: Tips & Tools for Creating Beautiful Posts Fast

Social media design tips and tools for non-designers. Propel your social media strategy to the next ...

Vrinda Singh

Landing Page Best Practices: 10 Tips to Maximize Conversions

Your landing page is like your first date with a potential customer — creating a good impression is ...

Vrinda Singh

How To Conduct Market Research in 5 Steps: A Definitive Guide

Learn how to conduct market research in 5 steps with this comprehensive guide.

Vrinda Singh

Real Estate Landing Pages in 2020: The Ultimate Guide for High Conversion

As a realtor, the importance of capturing leads and building a database of potential buyers can't be...

Vrinda Singh

Paperform + Process Street: How to Use Zapier to Kickstart Your Client Onboarding Process

Respond quickly and complete all of the necessary steps to deliver a first-class onboarding experien...

Alex Gallia

Landing Your Best Donors: How the Right Landing Page Draws More than Just Donations

Donations are the lifeblood of any nonprofit or charity organization. Here’s how to use the digital ...

Stephen Altrogge

Knowledge is Money: How to Turn Your Passion in a Money-Making Enterprise

Tired of reading articles about the latest internet success story and wonder high they got there. Wo...

Stephen Altrogge

Pay for Play: Why Putting Your Content Behind a Paywall Is the Right Move For Your Website

After a dormant few years, paywalls are once again on the rise. If you’ve ever thought about chargin...

Stephen Altrogge

Paperform Product Roadmap 2019

Here's how we wrapped up Q4 2018, and what's happening with the Paperform platform in Q1 2019. We've...

Diony McPherson

From Idea to Creation to Sale: How to Write an eBook and Sell it on Your Website

If you’ve ever wanted to create an eBook now's the time. Here's what you need to know to create your...

Stephen Altrogge

Event Landing Pages: How to Send Your Attendance Numbers Through The Roof

Similar to lead generation pages, an event landing page serves a singular purpose - to promote a cal...

Stephen Altrogge

3 Significant, Actionable Insights that We Learned from 7K+ Forms

We analyzed 7,193 forms that were created using the Paperform platform. Specifically, we measured th...

Stephen Altrogge

Get Your Marketing Plan in Shape With Our Fitness Marketing Guide

Like any good workout, building your fitness business is hard work. Let’s explore how to create your...

Stephen Altrogge

80 New Paperform Templates Inspired by Real People and Real Results

We're releasing 80 new templates. These templates are all inspired by successful forms made by 26 Pa...

Diony McPherson

Do You Need Leads? Here are 28 Surefire Ways to Get Them

Modern-day lead generation is about offering something of value in return for a chance to pull a pro...

Stephen Altrogge

Your Email List Could Be Your Most Valuable Asset. Here's Why

Too many marketers sleep on the value of their email lists. Used correctly, email marketing can yiel...

Paul Perry

What's Next for Paperform? Check out the Product Roadmap

Check out what Paperform has planned for the next 6 months. Your roadmap to beautiful, powerful for...

Diony McPherson

Selling Online Shouldn't Be Complicated. Here's How To Do It Simply and Easily

In theory, it should be easy to sell products online these days. But if you want a really simple way...

Stephen Altrogge

Funnel Marketing 101: How to Setup a High-Conversion Path to Purchase

Funnel marketing is a systematic process for connecting with potential customers at different points...

Stephen Altrogge

The Traffic Trap: Why Companies Fail to Convert Visitors Into Leads (& Revenue)

More traffic doesn’t equal more leads or revenue. Traffic is just that: traffic. If you want to pe...

Stephen Altrogge

Typeform Alternatives: Typeform vs SurveyMonkey vs Paperform

How do SurveyMonkey and Typeform compare to Paperform? We’re going to stack the three up side-by-sid...

Stephen Altrogge

Video Landing Pages: Stats, Trends, & Examples to Learn From

Before you film your new landing page video, there are some stats and trends you should be aware of ...

Paul Perry

Embedding Google Forms Not Displaying Well? Here’s What to Do Instead

Embedding forms on your website is usually pretty easy. Create the form, copy and paste some code, a...

Stephen Altrogge

How Poor Conversion Rates Cost Marketers Millions of Dollars

Skip to the infographic! We’re not breaking any new ground when we say that your conversion rate ma...

Stephen Altrogge

The 5-Step Real Estate Sales Funnel: How to Build a Lead Generation System that Sells Homes

A real estate funnel is a system that guides visitors through your website, turns them into leads, h...

Paul Perry

Payment Gateway Comparison: Paypal vs Stripe vs Braintree

Thanks to advances in technology, there are now dozens of payment gateways available for you to use ...

Stephen Altrogge

Landing Forms: Why We're Building a New Paradigm to Combine Landing Pages with Forms

We’ve worked tirelessly to create what we like to call “Landing Forms”. From the beginning, our goal...

Stephen Altrogge

Use These 8 Cognitive Biases to Hack Your Conversion Rates by Up to 1,826%

Want to boost your conversion rates? Email pop-ups and limited time discounts are great for the shor...

Stephen Altrogge

You’re Asking All Wrong: 16 Simple Mistakes that Kill Response Rates on Forms, Surveys, & Landing Pages

When users don’t complete your online forms, it’s not personal. There are usually several small mist...

Tyler Hakes

OperationsAlly saves 30 mins per lead using Paperform and ActiveCampaign

Ada Barlatt of OperationsAlly helps small business owners get clear on the technology they need to a...

Diony McPherson

The 20 Best Online Form Builders for You in 2020

> One of the most frequent questions we get is “How are you different to your competitors?” It’s a f...

Diony McPherson

Get instant feedback on your eCoach Courses with our new Paperform integration

We started using Paperform to create surveys and loved it. Now, we’ve integrated it with eCoach so y...

Diony McPherson

You can now integrate Paperform with over 1000 apps using Zapier

One of the reasons we love Zapier so much is that it's a one-stop integration tool - a place where y...

Diony McPherson

How Non-Profit Learn To Be Increased Donations by 500% using Paperform and Zapier

Supporting non-profits is incredibly important to the Paperform Team; we don't consider ourselves "s...

Diony McPherson

See How Digital Mobile Marketing Agency Zirch Save 5k / Month with Paperform and Zapier

UK Based Digital Mobile Marketing Agency Zirch use Paperform and Zapier to save days of work by aut...

Dean McPherson

How Paperform Customers are Using Zapier to Automate Emails and Engage Users with Brilliant Results

We're really excited to be listed as a Top New App by Zapier for 2017 [

Diony McPherson

Using HTML/CSS to make stunning Paperform forms that do even more

> We offer HTML/CSS as a feature of our Paperform Agency plan []. These f...

Dean McPherson

A Guide to Using Sections & Logic in the Paperform Editor

What can this post teach me? This post will teach you how to implement logic branching for form ques...

Francis Morris

4 Steps to find customers & get responses with Paperform

> We love sharing new features with you, but we also want to show you simple and effective ways to u...

Diony McPherson

Why Customer Support is integral to UX

As a developer turned SaaS co-founder, one of the things that really hit me early on is how integrat...

Dean McPherson

Adding Paperform Popups to your WordPress Site

We recently released the ability to have our web forms [] available a...

Dean McPherson

Why web forms need to visually engage, and how to ensure yours do

Chatbots are all the rage right now. A great bot can raise sales or conversion rates dramatically fo...

Diony McPherson

Capture Subscribers in AWeber with Paperform forms in 4 Simple Steps

AWeber is all about doing email marketing right. They provide an excellent service with a focus on p...

Dean McPherson

The Latest Paperform Updates - April 26, 2017

Read on to learn about new features, tutes, pipelines, use-cases, YT videos, announcements, deals, a...

Diony McPherson

The Latest Paperform Update - April 19, 2017

Read on to learn about new features, tutes, pipelines, use-cases, YT videos, announcements, deals, a...

Diony McPherson

The Latest Paperform Updates (April 11, 2017)

Welcome to our first update post! We'll be including all the nitty-gritty that you need to know abou...

Diony McPherson

Zapier & Paperform Apps are Making it Official!

From day one of launching the Paperform platform, we've been all about enabling you to create beauti...

Dean McPherson

A user's experience on integrating the Paperform platform and Trello with Zapier

What can this post teach me? This post will teach you how to connect Paperform forms to Zapier and t...

Francis Morris

The Best Tips and Tools to Capture Leads with Online Real Estate Forms

> Despite all the advice out there on generating leads for real estate, there isn't much that helps ...

Diony McPherson

How to paywall your digital media with or without a website

Paywalls are a great way of capturing value from your consumers for your content. Whether you've wri...

Dean McPherson

If you build it they will come... Sometimes loudly and all at once

How launching the Paperform site did not go to plan, and why it turned out to be a great thing. tl;...

Dean McPherson