All Paperform plans give you immediate results, and great features to help you manage your submissions.

You can view submissions in the dashboard, and you can also export results as CSV, PDF, or Word Docs. At the end of this article, you’ll find more info on analytics and integrations.

You can access your form’s submissions section from the Dashboard.

Submissions - view & manage submissions

The submissions section gives you an overview of the form’s submissions. You can search, delete and export the submissions all together into CSV files, or individually into a PDF or Word Doc summary.

Note that you are also able to include single submission results as a receipt both within the body and as a PDF attachment in email responses.

Partial Submissions - view unsubmitted data

If you are on a Pro or Agency plan, you can see submissions that weren’t completed over the last 30 days. This is great for improving the conversion rate of the form, and understanding where submitters are dropping off.

Report - visualize and breakdown results

See graphics of each question/field with charts & graphs and visualize your results (excluding text fields, where free text answers can’t be tallied in this way). Understand the percentage breakdown of results, and instantly see how many responses you’ve received from total submissions

Analytics - view & understand behavior

(Pro & Agency plans only)
As well as having Google, Pixel, and Custom Analytics available, we also provide our own in-app analytics to help you create and improve forms. So, we have a range of features to give you insight into your forms’ performance.

User Behaviour across mobile, tablet & desktop:

  • Views: the number of times the form has been viewed.
  • Started Submission: the number of times the form has started being answered.
  • Submitted Form: the number of times the form has been submitted.
  • Completion Rate: the percentage of people who began answering the form and submitted it.

In sales, you’ll find the total amounts paid in Test and Live modes.

Drop-off Questions:
See a breakdown and percentages of questions users were answering when they abandoned the form in the last 30 days.

Export & Print
Export your analytics as an Excel file, or print your analytics directly from the window.