Gather useful information from your Learners using embedded forms. Check out how our eCoach can benefit you!

Originally written by Daniel Battiato on the 16th of January for the eCoach Help Centre.

eCoach and Paperform have partnered to make it super easy to design and embed a Paperform form into an eCoach Course. So now you can get instant feedback on your Courses. eCoach have created a feedback survey template, so all you have to do is add your finishing touches - like a company logo or branding - and you’re good to go.

To start adding Paperform forms to your eCoach Courses, follow the steps below!

Creating your eCoach account

Step 1: Go to the eCoach site and create your account.

Step 2: Make yourself familiar with Course creation, and have your Course ready before you create your Paperform survey.

Accessing the eCoach Paperform template and adding it to your eCoach Course

Step 1: Go to to login to your Paperform account (If you don’t already have a Paperform account, set one up here).

Step 2: Select Create With Template located over the Course Feedback Survey image when you hover. (This template was designed by the eCoach Team and brought to life by the Paperform Team)

Step 3: Fill out the About your form sheet with the required information and click Let’s Make A Form! If you would like to edit/style the form to best reflect your brand or edit any of the form questions, please feel free to do so.

Step 4: Click on SHARE, copy the URL, and make your way to the Course you would like to add this to

Step 5: In your eCoach account, enter the Modules section of the Course, create a new Lesson at the end of the Course and click Edit.

Step 6: Enter the editing page for the first Lesson Tile, give the Tile an appropriate Title, paste the Paperform Share URL into the Description Text Box, save your changes and Publish the Lesson.

This will automatically embed the Survey within the Lesson Tile