Thanks for expressing interest in Paperform's Affiliate Programs. We have two Affiliate Programs:

The Paperform Affiliate Program

This Affiliate Program is open to full/paying users only at this time. Here are some more details:

  • Our Affiliates receive 20% of sales for the full duration of a referred customer's subscription.
  • Our Lifetime Value is approximately $700, and our Retention Rate is 96%. That’s a potential of $140 per sale you make!
  • Our conversion rate is approx 10% from trial to paid user.
  • ​We’ll make a range of resources available to our Affiliates including our Top Promotional Strategies Guide, Help Centre, Templates Example, Inspiration/Use-Cases, Video Tutorials, and a Branding Kit.

Important Stuff

  • If an Affiliate refers 3 or more new paying customers per month, they'll have a free Paperform Pro account.
  • The Paperform Affiliate Program is only available to full Paperform customers (not trial accounts).
  • If you're a paying customer, you can apply for the Program and read the T&Cs here:

The Paperform Partner Affiliate Program

Please contact Roxy Shvets at to learn more about partnership affiliate opportunities.