Conditional Redirects are a part of Dynamic Success Pages, which are available with a Pro or Agency plan. Dynamic Success Pages give you ability to show content conditionally after the form is submitted, based on the answers in each submission. As a part of the page setup, you can also choose to redirect the respondent immediately or after a specified time delay.

Here's how to set this up:

  1. In the form editor, navigate to After Submission → Success Pages & Redirects.

  2. Enable the toggle for "Dynamic Success Pages".

  3. Select the "Add Page +" button at the bottom to create a new Dynamic Success Page.

    An overview of the dynamic success pages section of the form editor.

  4. The editor for your new success page will open, and you're welcome to customize this before setting up a redirect.

  5. If you'd like to use conditional logic, enable the toggle "Page has conditions when it should be used".

  6. Under the heading "Redirect to another URL", select "Enable".

  7. Configure the redirect as follows:

    • Redirect URL: The full URL that your users will be sent to (including https:// or http://). This field also supports Answer Piping, which can be useful for pre-filling or UTM parameters.

    • Redirect after this many seconds: The delay before your users are redirected (calculated in seconds).

      The fields required to set-up a redirect on a dynamic success page.


  • Redirects setup with a delay of 0 seconds are relatively quick, however, note that the success page content may still be shown to users with a slow internet connection (or if the destination page is loading slowly).
  • If you're using "Successful Submission Scripts" under Configure → Analytics, ensure that any redirects allow enough time for your scripts to complete their tasks.