Conditional redirects are a part of Dynamic Custom screens, which are available on Pro and Agency plans. Dynamic Success Pages give you ability to show different pages when the form is submitted depending on how the form was answered. As a part of the page setup, you can also choose to redirect the respondent immediately or after a timed delay.

To set this up:

  1. When in the editor, go to After Submissions → Success Pages

  2. Toggle on ‘Dynamic Success Pages’ if there isn’t any yet.

  3. Select ‘Add Page’ to create a Success Page.

  4. Optionally, customize the page.

  5. Set your conditional logic as desired.

  6. Go to “Redirect to another URL” and click “Enable”.

  7. Configure the redirect details:

    • Enter the redirect URL, and insert any form values using the list button to the right of the Redirect form URL address. This can be useful for identifying a submission on another service, analytics, or customizing feedback elsewhere.
    • Set how many seconds you want to wait before the page is redirected (this allows the submitter to view the page before being redirected).