At Paperform we take privacy and security seriously and work hard to help respondents make good decisions about what data they share. Unfortunately there are some shady characters out there in the world who use forms to take advantage of others. So, we have strict policies on what data you are able to collect with Paperform forms, as well as systems that may flag forms as "suspicious" so that we can safeguard respondents while we review and whitelist the accounts. This article lists the types of data we don't allow you to capture, and types of data that will require your account to be whitelisted.

Types of data that we don't support

We don't allow the capture of highly sensitive information, particularly Credit Card details, Social Security Numbers, and some sets of data that pose a high risk of exposure to respondents. When our systems detect that you've requested this type of data information, we'll send you an email and ask you to update or delete your form within 48 hours. If the form isn't updated or deleted, we'll remove it after the 48 hour grace period.

If you need to capture payments, then you don't need to capture Credit Cards in the body of your forms. All you need to do it use a payment field on the form and connect it to your payment gateway account (Braintree, Stripe, PayPal Business, or Square). We support a lot of payment methods through these four gateways such as PayPal, AliPay and Google Pay (and loads more!), so there's no need to ask for CC details if you want someone to make payment on the form.

Data that needs approval or whitelisting

Suspicious forms trigger a warning when viewed to help respondents make wise decisions about sharing their information. If you create a form that mentions certain kinds of sensitive data, like personal ID information,  it will automatically trigger a warning to those viewing the form.

We understand that you may trigger this warning when creating legitimate forms. When the warning is triggered, we forward a request to tech to have your form reviewed for whitelisting. We whitelist approved account within 48 hours of your making the request. The majority of whitelisting requests are approved.

If an account is reviewed and found to be malicious, the account will be blocked as soon as deemed malicious.

It's a shame we have to have these preventative measures, but we've got to do right by everyone who uses Paperform.