Love Language Quiz Template

Ever wondered what your love language is? Or perhaps you've seen a love language quiz somewhere and thought to yourself: "What a great way to attract attention on the web!". Whatever the case may be — check out the form below.

Our team at Paperform built this template to help you find out what your true love language is. But if you wish, you can also make this form yours and customize it to your needs. For example, you could add your company's logo on top, change the colours and background, (optionally) reshuffle the questions, and post this quiz on social media as your own.

Here's a little disclaimer: this form uses simple calculations (and not pure magic!) to compute the score based on the respondent's answers and define the dominant love language. Should you run into any questions or struggles while tweaking this template, don't hesitate to reach out to our technical support team — we're always here to give you a hand.