Personality Quiz Template

Want to create your own Personality Type Quiz, but don't know how to set up a quiz from scratch? Use this ready-made online Personality Quiz Template to do it in minutes.

This template includes a series of questions that help define your personality. From how you trust others and make decisions, to what your priorities are, or whether you’re a leader, this quiz gets to the bottom of your personality traits. Don’t worry! There are no wrong answers—just go with your gut.

Add form fields and questions, use conditional logic, and design custom result pages to create an engaging quiz that everyone will want to take. Whether you're looking to create a custom quiz for personal use or are hoping to turn your quiz into a lead-generation machine, this template comes with lots of customization options that help you build your perfect Personality Quiz.

Add your logo, edit the color theme and typography, and integrate media like background images and videos. You can also use the advanced Calculations field to set up conditional logic so your quiz interacts with your respondents in real time based on their input.

To share your quiz with your target audience, simply embed it on your website or share it directly on social media. Once the results come in, your respondents can get automatic email notifications with their results.

Personality Quiz Template FAQs

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