Multiple-Choice Quiz Template

Test your students' skills with this engaging and simple Multiple-Choice Quiz Template. Simply copy this template, change the pre-built questions and answers, embed the quiz on your website or share it with your students via email, and let the template calculations do all the heavy work for you! This quiz template is divided into three rounds, each consisting of various multiple-choice questions. At the end of each round, Paperform's Calculations feature calculates the correct answers and adds the scores together to give a total score at the end of the quiz. Whether you're teaching math, history, or languages, or simply want to make an engaging quiz for your friends, you can set up your quiz in a matter of minutes with this Multiple-Choice Quiz Template. You can customize every part of this template, from background images to adding automatic follow-up emails that send the score results to your students by email. You can even connect this template with other third-party tools such as Google Sheets or Dropbox to keep track of your students' scores and analyze how their skills are improving over time.

Multiple-Choice Quiz Template FAQs

1. How many attempts can students make on this quiz template?

2. Can students change their answers after submitting the quiz?

3. How is this quiz scored?

4. Can students skip a question and come back to it later?

5. Will students receive feedback on their answers after completing the quiz?

6. How can I edit this template?

7. Can I integrate this form with other tools?