True Or False Quiz Template

Use this "True Or False" Quiz template to create an engaging online quiz that’s gamified to assess your audience's knowledge in a fun way! All you need is to add your questions and images, and you'll have an interactive quiz ready in just a few minutes.

This quiz game has ten questions, broken down into two sets. Each correct answer will add one point to your respondents' scores. After every five questions, the respondents are shown their current score as well as the right answers to previous questions.

This template is fully customizable so you can easily add additional quiz questions or tweak the sections and pagination settings. You can also modify the design elements, including fonts, colors, and background images.

To share the quiz with your audience, simply share the link via email or social media, or embed the form on your website so your customers or students can take the quiz without leaving your site. To make your test even more engaging, you can generate beautiful custom PDF quiz completion certificates and dynamically insert respondents' names and scores.

True Or False Quiz Template FAQs

1. How many attempts can respondents make on this True Or False Quiz?

2. Can respondents change their answers after submitting the quiz?

3. How is this quiz scored?

4. Can respondents skip a question and come back to it later?

5. Will respondents receive feedback on their answers after completing the quiz?

6. How can I edit this template?

7. Can I integrate this form with other tools?