True Or False Quiz Template

Want to create your own "True Or False" quiz? There's no easier way to get started than using this beautiful quiz template that we created for you at Paperform. Click the button "Use this template" below to start theming and customizing it.

This "True Or False" quiz has ten questions, broken down into two sets. Each correct answer will add one point to your respondents' scores. After every five questions, the respondents are shown the right answers to the previous questions and their current score. While editing this form, you can easily add additional questions to your quiz, or tweak the sections and pagination settings.

Paperform has a built-in scoring feature, allowing you to automatically calculate custom scores under the hood of your forms. It's also possible to generate beautiful custom PDF quiz completion certificates and dynamically insert respondents' names and scores.

Have you got questions about Paperform? Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team through the live chat in the bottom right corner. We're always happy to give you a hand.