How to Use Video to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

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Hope Horner

Hopefully by now, you already know the power of video marketing. It’s an amazing tool when it comes to engaging and informing your audience, but it’s also crucial in helping brands convert users and close more sales.

Just take a look at the research: According to Strategic-IC, 90 percent of users said product videos helped them in the decision process of the buyer’s journey. Famous marketer Neil Patel released figures showing 84 percent of consumers were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. And WordStream has shown that including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by more than 80 percent.

And it makes sense when you think about it. Video is everywhere. Increasingly, people look for videos to show them what products look like, what they feel like, how to use them, and more. When you use video to highlight the best you have to offer, and your ecommerce sales will take off.

But how exactly can you use video to boost your ecommerce sales? We’re breaking down a few of the best ways you can start using video to really make an impact on your sales figures.

Communicate your benefits with a brand video.

Including a brand video on your website has a few major benefits for your bottom line.

Adding multimedia like video to your website boosts your SEO efforts, meaning more people will find your website when they search a relevant phrase or keyword.A brand video can leave visitors with a lasting impression of who you are, keeping you top-of-mind when they’re in the purchase research and decision stages.Besides highlighting your products or services, a brand video communicates your company’s core values and mission. Making this transparent creates a stronger relationship between you and your potential customers.

Though you don’t necessarily want to feature a brand video directly on your store pages, you do want a brand video somewhere on your website, like your homepage or About Us page. These videos go far in helping you communicate who you are and put you above your competition.

A great way to leverage a brand video is by creating targeted videos for audience-specific landing pages and web forms. This can help ensure that your videos are customised for the right type of customer and have a higher chance of converting viewers. If you don't want to invest in bespoke eCommerce development, a tool like Paperform would be a great option for you - allowing you to easily create landing pages with embedded videos in less than 5 minutes.

Use a product video on your store pages.

Uploading a product video to your ecommerce or store pages is a great way to boost your sales numbers. Better than an image, video gives shoppers a clear idea of what they’re in for, giving them the full picture when it comes to dimensions, appearance, functions, and more.

Embed a product video next to images to give shoppers the full product experience - similar to how Amazon embeds their product videos: Amazon.

Adidas does the same thing on their eCommerce pages: Adidas.

If you’re afraid of adding video, you can also feature it below the fold on your store pages, or use a “Watch the Video” call to action that links to a pop-up video. Though this makes the video harder to find, it’s a more subtle way to test the effectiveness of adding video to your shopper’s flow.

Create a space for user reviews and testimonials.

When’s the last time you searched for a product you’d never used before, and bought it right away without reading any user reviews? Probably never!

That’s the power of customer reviews - they’re honest, they’re informative, and they’re also highly impactful when someone is about to commit to a purchase. A customer review can make or break a sale. That’s why you should feature any positive customer reviews or testimonials clearly and prominently on your website or store pages.

Another option? Create a testimonials page on your website where you can aggregate all the positive feedback you’ve gotten from past customers. ChowNow does this beautifully with a page that includes testimonial videos, images, quotes, and more - all featuring restaurant owners touting the awesomeness of using the ChowNow app. ChowNow.

Customer review and testimonial videos do differ slightly. Review videos are usually submitted from a customer without any incentive. Many shoppers upload their own review videos because they want to provide support to other shoppers like themselves who are considering making a purchase. Testimonial videos, on the other hand, are usually created by a company with the help of a loyal past or present customer. Both are huge motivators for anyone doing product or service research, so if you have any reviews or testimonial videos on hand, make sure to use them to spur more sales.

Bonus tip: Collecting customer feedback could be as simple as sending personalised emails to existing customers and including engaging feedback forms like these or survey forms. With Paperform, you can automatically push data to Google Sheets and create cool graphics or custom PDFs with responses. Here are 1000+ integrations that can help you automate your feedback forms in no time.

Provide product or service tutorial videos.

What better way to convince potential customers to buy your product or service than by showing them how easy it is to use?

Consumers in the research stage of the purchase funnel love other user reviews, but they also love any content that answers their questions about product use or functionality. How will a software program solve a problem for the user? How will a product be used on a daily basis? How do you turn a product on, change the batteries, or use it with other related products?

These are the questions you want to answer for your potential customers in a clear way. Don’t make these answers hard to find - if you want sales, you want to erase any doubt or barriers to purchase. And video is one of the best ways to do just that.

A product tutorial, how-to video, or instructional video embedded on your product details or shop page can not only answer top user questions, but confirm in the user’s mind that buying your product is the right move.

Wrapping It Up

There’s no question about the effectiveness of video throughout the marketing funnel. But if your customers need a little extra push right before you close that final sale, video can help. Start using it smartly across your website - from your homepage to your store pages and beyond, seeing the right video at the right time can be just the thing customers need to convince them to buy, upping your ROI.  

If you need help creating the video that’s right for you, a video production company like Lemonlight can help. Creating a video in-house can cost you a lot of time and resources, but hiring a production agency can save you time, money, and deliver a higher quality production than you’d be able to create yourself. The right agency can also help you strategize about the type of video you need and where you can distribute it to maximize your results.

Hope Horner is a three-time entrepreneur that has been featured in Inc.'s Top 25 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017, Entrepreneur's 11 Marketing Experts that Could Change Your Business, and Pepperdine’s 40 Under 40. Horner is a regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., and multiple other publications where she shares startup insights and scalable solutions. She is currently working on her third startup, Lemonlight, an LA-based business that produces and
distributes branded video content at scale.

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