The 10 best Google Forms add-ons

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Max Delaney

Google Forms is a convenient free tool for basic surveys and forms, but it can lack advanced features. This article highlights ten useful Google Forms add-ons to enhance functionality, including Formlimiter for closing forms, Booking Calendar for appointment scheduling, Email Notification for instant email alerts, and more. It also suggests Paperform as an alternative for those seeking a more comprehensive form-building solution, offering features like conditional logic, webhooks, and custom success pages.

If all you need is a quick form or survey to share with your team, it’s hard to find a better option than Google Forms. That is, if you’re limiting yourself to free form builders.

Fast and simple to use, Google Forms is a great first stop. It doesn’t hurt that it easily connects with your daily arsenal of Gmail, Google Sheets, Docs and the rest of the Google Workspace.

But if you need something more intricate than a few questions, Google Forms can leave you wanting more. For features like collecting payments, scheduling, adding signatures, and more, you’ll need to enter the world of Google add-ons.

The 10 most useful Google Forms add-ons

The Google Workplace Marketplace is a land of plenty. While the dense library of add-ons is great, it only exemplifies how limited Google Forms is without them.

With an almost unlimited number of add-ons to find and choose from, it can be difficult to know what suits your needs best, especially when many of them do similar things.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you by curating this list of the 10 best Google Forms add-ons.

1. Formlimiter for closing your forms

The name of this add-on from New Visions ‘Cloudlab’ doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Formlimiter does exactly what its name advertises: it closes your Google Form based on the criteria you set.

The limit you choose can vary. It could be a number of form responses, a time or date, or when a specified spreadsheet cell reaches a specified value.

Whether you’re looking to book a venue with limited available spaces, run a sign-up special at limited numbers, or hand out timely assignments, this add-on is essential for most users.

2. Booking Calendar for easy appointment slotting

Add-ons for Google Forms are all about cutting back on small, menial tasks. No form add-on exemplifies that more than Booking Calendar from Vietutd.

Picture this: you have regular form submissions, a stream of bookings, and happy clients. The only problem is, with every form that's completed, you have to manually open the form, look at their chosen timeslot, add it to your calendar and then make sure to send your client a confirmation email.

Booking Calendar allows clients (or whoever is completing your form) to book appointments directly from your Google Calendar. Viola. Less work for you and a clearer, more concise workflow.

3. Email Notification for instant answers

Speaking of tasks you’d rather not complete: emails. The whole workflow around managing your inbox is an uphill battle. With the Email Notification add-on, things are a little easier. You can receive form responses straight to your email.

More than that, this add-on allows you to send an email every time someone responds to your form. You can get down to the details, too. It’s fully customisable, so you can have a different email sent for each possible response to your form.

No matter what your form is for, the ability to save time by sending emails automatically makes the email notification add-on a life-saver.

4. Form Ranger for easy list population

Form Ranger allows users to quickly populate any form field (like multiple choice or checkbox) from columns in a Google Sheet.

It also allows you to create dynamic option lists, but to use it, you’ll need to have a strong knowledge of spreadsheet formulas like IF and COUNTIF. If you know what that means, you’re already one step ahead.

This add-on makes sure the information put into your form matches the database from which they came (students, guests, inventory, wishlists, appointments). It removes the need for you to manually put in the information one by one.

5. Advanced Summary for quick and easy data analysis

No matter what you are using your form for, it’s always good to see how your respondents are interacting with it. With Advanced Summary, data collection and clear analysis has never been easier.

By isolating certain segments of your form and using the built-in filters, form creators can dig deeper into the responses to their form questions. Pretty, easy to use and providing interesting insight into your form responses, Advanced Summary is one for those who love data analysis and a handsome pie graph.

6. Pictographr for fast graphic designs

Pictographr is compatible with all Google apps, not just Forms. It’s a must-have for anyone who needs professional designs in their forms, like logos or infographics, or if you're looking to add a little flair to their forms.

With Pictographr, you can efficiently drag and drop words, stickers and anything else you like into your form to create fast, easy and attractive designs. Don’t worry if graphic design isn’t your thing. Whether you’re a master or rookie, Pictographr makes it easy to put forth a pretty product.

7. Certify’em for instant online certification

If online exams are part of your job description, you won’t find a more user-friendly, simple and affordable option than Certify-'em.

Unfortunately, online quizzes and tests are a part of life, whether you're handing them out in school or an office. Turning a Google Form into a quiz is easy, and with Certify’em, providing a legitimate certificate to those who complete it is, too.

With various certificate templates and basic customisation options, you can create a unique certificate that automatically arrives in the emails of successful participants. It doesn’t get much better than that.

8. Google Analytics for integration of performance analysis

Google Analytics is a lot more powerful than your average add-on. It's a tool that helps website owners track and understand how people use their website. It gives information about where visitors come from, how they interact with the website, and how effective the site is in achieving its goals.

You can also use it with Google Forms too. Uniting these tools allows you to implement useful, easy-to-read (and attractive) visual representations of your form analytics. You can also provide automatic reports on the data collected.

Looking at anything but the clearest representations of data can be mind-numbing for those less inclined. Google Analytics added into Google Forms makes it far easier not just to understand the data, but to make it actionable.

9. Doc Appender for easy Google Doc collaboration

If you’re a teacher, this add-on is a great addition to your digital classroom. Whether it’s school reports, grading or notes for parent-teacher meetings, the Doc Appender add-on is incredibly useful.

This add-on appends questions from your Google Forms into a Google Doc automatically. It adds as many values as you like (like time, name, grade, or how to improve) and neatly adds that feedback onto the bottom of the Doc your student handed in, or any other doc you like.

This add-on is also helpful for anyone looking for an easy way to add thorough notes to a Google Doc. Freelance writers, editors, or content teams come to mind.

10. QR Code Generator for simple form sharing

QR Codes make life easier. They’re faster than manually writing a link or following several links to find what you want. Whether you’re a teacher making it easy to share a quiz with your class or you want to share information quickly with your team via zoom, QR codes can help.

The QR Code Generator makes it far easier to share your form with those who need (or want) to open it. Google Forms have exceptionally long web addresses, which can be a hassle to share via email or online.

It won’t revolutionise your form-building life or the lives of those responding to it, but the QR Code Generator provides a slight improvement to the hassle of sharing forms. And hey, creating QR Codes for Google Forms is a bit of a hassle.

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Eliminate the need for add-ons

No matter what your job, hobby, side gig or passion project is, creating forms can be a quick and easy way to share information and connect with the people you need to communicate with.

Google Forms is the perfect starting point for simple forms. With the‌ add-ons on this list, form owners can level up their elementary forms into more professional and attractive forms that feel a little less basic.

However, trying to elevate Google Forms to more than just a starter form builder requires time and headache-inducing brainpower that few have to spare. Plus, many of the add-ons can be fiddly.

If making forms, quizzes and surveys is a regular part of your workflow, you might consider paying for a service that works without all the fussy add-ons—Paperform for example.

For one monthly price, Paperform gives you access to a robust form builder packed with all the advanced features you need. Conditional logic, custom success pages, webhooks, calculations and much more. Design options are truly limitless, and our doc-style no-code editor makes adjusting your creation easy for anyone to do.

With Paperform, you get much more than a form builder. Create landing pages, payment pages, surveys, escape rooms, quizzes, or full presentations. Connect your existing tools with integrations, and start automating more of your work.

Don’t just take our word for it. Give it a go yourself with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required, and eliminate the need for add-ons altogether.

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