Why an eCommerce Newsletter is Crucial in 2020 (+ 5 Best Practices)

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Danas Kurlavicius

If you’re running a small or medium-sized eCommerce store and not relying too much on email automation for growth, do you really need a newsletter?

The short answer?


The long answer?

A newsletter will make your business more profitable than ever.

The first important reason you need a newsletter for your store is to be able to build brand awareness. As a matter of fact, almost 95% of all online shoppers use email.

Having a mailing list is a good way to capture the information of those who visit your online shop and are on the fence about a purchase and think to themselves ‘I’ll come back in a few days’.

But just like in a physical storefront, do you think they come back?

Guess again.

Here’s a neat little trick you can use your newsletter for: Abandoned cart emails!

We live in a world of constant distractions and the bottom line is that the one who can grab and hold onto the attention of their prospects until they buy is the one who is most likely to score a purchase.

Sometimes people want to buy, add a few items to their carts but for whatever reason they rather choose to close the tab and never complete the payment form.

Did you know that according to PYMNTS, consumers left a whopping FOUR TRILLION USD worth of merchandise in their carts in the year 2014 alone? That’s actually more than the nominal GDP of Germany (3,42 trillion USD).

And by device, the statistics show that on average, the shopping cart abandonment rate is somewhere around 61% on desktop computers, 71 percent on tablets and 81 percent on mobile.

Once the cart is abandoned,  just one or two persuasive emails can get them back to finishing their purchase - and provide a noticeable jump in profits on your end!

The second reason your eCommerce website needs a newsletter is to take advantage of this attention you’ve got from your prospect and to keep them engaged.

You can do this by offering valuable insights into your procedures, sharing the story of how your business came to be,(people love reading well-written stories and if by reading them, they turn into your brand ambassadors, you should let them, right?) and occasionally offering them an exclusive discount or promo that only those that subscribed to your newsletter have access to. If you’re looking for ideas, give this article a read - 5 Great Examples.

Now you’ve shoved the uncertain prospects off the fence and got them to purchase from you. They’ve shopped in hundreds of other stores, both virtual and physical, but have made the decision to shop from you!

But what about those extra indecisive people?

Last minute cart-abandonment is surely one of the biggest frustrations in the eCommerce space, and can easily be solved by adding a newsletter.

How can you solve it?

Preemptively guess two of their major objections in regards to your product, address those in a quick sequence of emails and respectfully invite them to reconsider. Here is some data (if you regularly read our posts, you might notice that we’ve talked about this graphic before) to give you some clues on why your customers don’t finish the buying process:

Another very effective technique to raise sales is the flash sale.

An email or two about season-specific items, trending items and discount periods can go a long way to compel your shoppers to get their hands on the latest stuff they need from the convenience of their own homes at an unbeatable price! Here’s a graph that displays the share of internet users in the United States who are interested in holiday flash sales as of June 2015, by age group:

While a flash sale will evidently work for all age groups, if your store targets a younger demographic, you need to be taking full advantage of the practice.

According to dailysale.com, with a flash sale you can expect:

  • Double the transaction rates, in comparison to other emails
  • An overall 35% increase in transaction rates
  • If you’re announcing your flash sales in the evening, you can expect a 30% lift in revenue-per-email
  • If you’re making your flash sale a 3-hour flash sale, you can expect a transaction rate of 14%

And that’s why you should take advantage of these two techniques to take your email marketing to a whole new level and increase your revenue to the maximum.
Just make sure not to spam your audience, and personalize the newsletter to your audience. Nobody likes being mindlessly blasted with emails, right?

You’ll be amazed by the additional money you’ll make by making these tiny simple adjustments.

Now that we've established how important a newsletter is for any eCommerce store, how do you get one off the ground?

Best practices for building your eCommerce newsletter

  • Start by building a solid, targeted email list. While this sounds easier to do in theory than in practice, there are still some tried and tested ways to build an email list, fast. We've broken this down for you in our ultimate 10-step guide for attracting email list signups.
  • Incentivize sign ups. The best way to motivate people to sign up for your newsletter is by luring them in with a benefit they can't ignore. We've briefly mentioned flash sales, but this doesn't always have to be a monetary discount. You could also consider offering free content or resources, like an eBook or eMagazine on a topic that might be attractive to your target audience.
  • Make it easy to sign up. No one wants to fill out a signup form that asks them for their home address, favourite colour or maiden name. When it comes to newsletter signup forms, keep the fields short and simple. And in terms of standing out on a page, make sure your sign up form is eye-catching and makes it very clear what your newsletter will be about. You can use Paperform to create a unique and eye-catching form that will make anyone and everyone want to sign up - in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Add real value. In a world full of newsletters, yours really has to stand out in order to keep subscriptions and conversions high. No one wants their inbox to be clogged up by emails they don't read, so make sure your newsletter is something that readers genuinely look forward to. Here's a helpful guide for creating just that.
  • Automate everything. Believe it or not, creating a showstopping newsletter full of helpful resources every week can be time-consuming (who would've thought?). That's why, it's crucial that you make the process as easy for yourself as possible by using an email automation tool. Your contact and recipients list can also be automated. Just integrate your signup form with an email automation tool. This means that every time someone signs up for your newsletter, they'll automatically be added to your recipients list - no manual work on your end required!

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