Restaurant Waiting List Form Template

Looking for a better way to manage your restaurant walk-ins or handling bookings for a soon-to-be opening restaurant? The Restaurant Waitlist Form Template is here to help you do both.

This simple restaurant waitlist is fully customizable so you can change it exactly to your needs. If you're about to open a new restaurant, you can use this registration form to handle your future bookings waitlist. Simply embed the form to your website or share it via social media to let clients sign up for a table waitlist. This template easily integrates with Google Sheets, which means that your waiting list will create itself – no manual work needed! Once your restaurant is open to the public, simply send an email to your entire list to invite them in.

When using it as a table waitlist form, customers arriving at your restaurant without a prior booking can easily fill in their name, email address, phone number, and party size while waiting for a table. Then, once the table is available, you can call them to let them know it's time to return to the restaurant.

You can also customize each element of this form to beautifully represent your brand. Edit colors, typography, images, logos, and layout, and add as many form fields as you need or remove the irrelevant ones.

Restaurant Waiting List Form Template FAQs

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