Restaurant Feedback Form Template

Collecting feedback is essential for improving your restaurant's customer experience. And the easiest way to collect feedback is via an online form. We created this versatile restaurant feedback form template to help you get started faster. Just click the button "Use this template" to duplicate and start editing it.

You might have noticed that the form displays different fields depending on the responders' answers to the first question. It makes a lot of sense since the experience of customers who dined-in is very different from those who received the delivery. You might follow this tutorial to tweak the logic behind your feedback form or add additional options.

To collect the feedback from those customers who dined-in, you might, for example, install a tablet at the exit of your restaurant with the online form opened. Otherwise, you might use a laptop and ask your clients if they'd like to fill out a form while they're paying at the cashier's desk. As for those customers who received a delivery from you — you might forward them a feedback form together with the order confirmation.