Restaurant Reservation Form Template

Let your customers make dinner reservations at your restaurant with this simple form template. You might either embed your form on your website or use this landing form standalone. If your restaurant doesn't yet have a website, you might even connect your custom domain to this form and use it as a full-fledged website (your forms will index well in Google and that approach might save you tons of hassle and money).

First of all, hit that button "Use this template" below to import the online form into your Paperform account and start customizing it. Replace the logo of the restaurant, customize colors and fonts. People are more likely to book through your form if they can somehow relate to your brand and identity. If you are the chef and founder of the restaurant, it might be a good idea, for example, to add your photo with a short welcoming message below or above the form fields.

You can synchronize your form with Google Sheets thanks to Paperform's direct integration. This will help to keep track of your reservations, and you will never have to export/import data manually.