Health Evaluation Form Template

If you're an independent medical professional or running a clinic, you might be looking to streamline the process of collecting your patients' information and conducting basic health evaluations. We created this form template to try and simplify this challenge for you.

Paperform is an all-in-one tool for collecting information and automating business processes. You might choose among more than 20 different form fields to collect data in the format you prefer most (email, address, yes/no, and multiple-choice fields, among others). You can even ask your patients to confirm the validity of the information by submitting an electronic signature.

Click the button "Use this template" to duplicate the form below and start editing it. You can easily add your hospital's logo, customize colors and fonts, and tweak the form questions. You might potentially make this health evaluation form much more functional by adding scoring or custom calculations. Should you have any questions about those, don't hesitate to reach out to our technical support team through the live chat below.