Create your own Gift Basket Order Form

Gift Basket Order Form App

The holiday season is approaching us far too quickly and before we know it Christmas will have arrived. Paperform's Gift Basket order app allows you to create an easy to follow order form for your Christmas Hamper business. Try it for free today.

The holiday season is approaching us far too quickly and before we know it Christmas will have arrived. Paperform's Gift Basket order app allows you to create an easy to follow order form for your Christmas Hamper business. Try it for free today.


1. Use the Gift Basket Order Form Template.

Go to the template page and click "use this template." If you don't have a Paperform account, you will need to sign up for a free trial first (no CC required).

You could also start from scratch if you would like, but using templates is a great way to get off the ground and familiarize yourself with Paperform.

2. Start editing your form.

This template includes a dummy logo that is extremely easy to replace. Click the logo and select the picture icon; if you wish to delete entirely, you can do so by clicking the 'X' icon. The process to remove the dummy header image is the same. You also have the ability to change the placement of the images and even hyperlink.

Find out more about adding images to your forms.

We have included example section headings within this template. The text throughout a questionnaire can be treated much like a word doc; if you wish to edit or remove it, simply click on the correlating text and begin. You can highlight the text to bring up the design toolbar, allowing you to choose text placement and size and font options.

You can add more images as well as videos, breaks, or question fields anywhere within your form. To do so, click the area you wish to input an element. A small toolbar will appear on the left; from this, you can choose what you want to add to your form by clicking the corresponding icon. Similarly, to add text within your form, click on the area you wish and begin typing.

Find out more about adding page breaks to your form.

3. Personalize the look and feel of your form.

Now that you have changed template’s basics, it is time to have some fun with the form's appearance. From your form editor's, you can find the 'Theme settings' in the top-right corner (colored waterdrop icon). From here, you can edit the form to feel more personal. Simple changes such as the font, size, and color of your text can be configured from here, while you can edit your text's appearance in more detail from the 'Typography' tab.

The look and feel of your buttons and questions can be edited from the 'UI Elements' tab, while you can change the background color and even upload a background image from this tab as well.

4. Start selling your gift baskets!

In this template, we have included three dummy product fields: Most popular Christmas hampers, Something for Her, and Something for Him. Each field contains a set of dummy Christmas hampers to showcase how the products will appear. To edit any of the product fields and replace the currently listed items with yours, enter the configuration settings by clicking the cogwheel icon that sits on the product field's right-hand side. From here, click the "Products" tab to see the full list of products.

Depending on how many products you need to add, you can either use the UI to manually remove, modify, or add new products. You also can utilize the CSV export/import functionality to manage your products in a spreadsheet.

5. Put through a test submission

Click the 'view" button to go to the live form. Fill in the form and submit it. You can access submissions via the dashboard.

6. Set up the automatic response email

Once someone has enlisted, you will want to send them a confirmation email. You can set this up under After Submission > Emails.

More info on setting up automatic response emails.

7. Set-up a payment account to start receiving payments.

Before you can start taking payments, you'll need to select a payment source under Configure > Payments. If you don't have any payment source connected yet, you can set one up by clicking "Manage Payment Accounts" and following the prompts on one of the support payment providers (Stripe, PayPal Business, Braintree, or Square).

7. Connect to Google Sheets to better manage your orders

Now it is time to connect our form to a Google Sheet. Head over to your Google Sheets, and create a new sheet. Write column titles for all of the questions you would like to have in the sheet (e.g. Order, Name, Email, Delivery or Pickup, etc.).

Go to After Submission > Integrations & Webhooks, and select Google Sheets > "Add Row to Sheet". Follow the prompts to connect your Google Sheets account, and then select the appropriate sheet and map over the answers to the desired columns.

Click the "Send Test" button to test the integration with the last submission.

8. Final checklist before Christmas Party (BONUS POINTS)

Before you go sending out your form to start taking orders, you'll probably want to do the following:

  1. Set the title, description, cover image, and custom URL under Configure > Details.
  2. Customize the success page messaging under After Submission > Success Pages & Redirects.

You're done! You can get the URL or embed code of the online order form under the Share menu in the form editor.