Anonymous Feedback Form Template

Collect honest feedback from your audience on just about anything with this Anonymous Feedback Form template. Whether you are running a business and want to collect product reviews from your customers, you're managing a team and looking to get employee feedback, or just looking for some honest opinions on your latest project or presentation, this form helps you collect reviews and suggestions easily and fast while allowing respondents to remain anonymous.

The Anonymous Feedback Form template includes a variety of question types to ask for honest feedback, such as long-form text questions, ratings, scales, and image uploads. You can customize it further by adding broad, open-ended questions to capture people's opinions on your product or use conditional logic to ask more targeted follow-up questions to help you pinpoint specific areas of improvement.

Make the template your own by editing all the visual elements to match your brand, like colors, typography, media, and layout. Once you're ready to start collecting responses, simply embed this form on your website or share it with your audience via a custom link.

Anonymous Feedback Form Template FAQs

1. Is anonymous feedback more honest?

2. What types of honest feedback can I collect with this survey?

3. Can I make any changes to this template?

4. How can I see the feedback responses I've collected with this form?