Product Feedback Survey Template

Use this template to run a quick product feedback survey and collect responses from your target audience. That template would work great for all kinds of products: software, hardware, or even service packages.

First of all, customize the title of your form and add any relevant images and videos. Make sure that your responders can relate to you personally or to the products that you're offering. Your messaging should be catchy — find a way to incentivize your responders to complete the survey.

You should also consider changing the default theme setting of your form: stuff like colors, background images, and fonts.

Finally, tweak the question fields. There are more than 20 different types of questions in Paperform to choose from. It's a good idea to use specialized fields to collect information like addresses, dates, or phone numbers — to make sure that your data gets formatted properly.

Once you set your product feedback survey live, you can share it with your audience via a direct link or embed it on your web page.