How do I integrate with ClickSend?

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With the ClickSend direct integration, it is now easy to integrate your forms.


We support the following actions:

  • Send an SMS
  • Send a Fax
  • Send SMS to List
  • Send a Voice Message
  • Send Voice Message to List
  • Create a Contact
  • Send Postcard/s
  • Send Letter/s

Connect your ClickSend account

  1. From the form editor, go to After Submission → Integrations & Webhooks.
  2. Under "Direct Integrations" select "ClickSend".
  3. Select an action.
  4. Click "Add Account +" to bring up the account connection modal.
  5. Follow the instructions and enter your user name and API key and click "Connect ClickSend".
  6. If successful, the modal will close and your account will be connected and automatically selected in the action.
  7. Continue setting up the action, if desired.

You can remove or rename your ClickSend account at any time in your account settings.

Set up an integration action

Our ClickSend integration provides a variety of ways to communicate with your contacts, but let's cover a common use case: sending an SMS.

Send an SMS

The action provides guidance through tooltips on most fields, enabling you to understand the formats and requirements of those fields.

The only required fields are:

  • To Number: Insert the number you would like to send an SMS to.
  • Message Body: Insert the message content you want your SMS to contain.

The remaining fields are optional, but do pay attention to their tooltips to ensure delivery goes as expected and intended.


How SMS messages are charged

Every 160 characters in the "Message Body" will result in one SMS charge from ClickSend.

United States restrictions on messaging

The U.S. has strict restrictions regarding the sender ID (from field). Review ClickSend's documentation regarding U.S. messaging restrictions.

Please purchase a dedicated toll-free number and use it as your sender ID to ensure message delivery.


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