The 8 best Linktree alternatives in 2023

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Are you tired of Linktree? Itching for something new? Well, you're in luck, because we've got a delightful smorgasbord of alternatives for you to dig into. Like a buffet, but for link-in-bio tools.

Now, if you're wondering, "Why on earth would I want to switch from Linktree?" — hold that thought! We love our fellow Aussies at Linktree. But sometimes, a dash of variety can do wonders.

So, whether you're an influencer, freelancer, business owner, or just someone who likes to have all their internet-eggs in one clickable basket, we've got you covered. Sit tight as we take you through 8 of the best Linktree alternatives, hand-picked and categorized by use case, just for you.


Just want the Linktree alternatives with none of the fanfare? Sure. We get it. Here you go:

  1. Allows users to create a diverse homepage, embedding content from various platforms. Pricing is not publicly listed.
  2. Lnk.Bio: Known for its Zapier integration and API access. Supports media embedding and offers affordable paid plans starting at $0.99/month.
  3. User-friendly platform for professionals to showcase their brand. Offers a free basic plan and a Pro plan for $8/month.
  4. Offers versatility with many customization options. Has a free plan, a Pro plan at $7/month, and a Pro+ plan at $24/month.
  5. Carrd: Ideal for creating sleek, minimalist landing pages. The default experience is free, with a Pro upgrade for $19/year.
  6. Paperform: More than a link hub, it's a form builder that can create personalized landing pages, forms, online storefronts, and more. Pricing starts at $20/month.
  7. Taplink: Lets you create a mini-website in your bio link. Offers a free version, a Pro plan at $36/year, and a Business plan at $72/year.
  8. Flowpage: Extends the functionality of Flowcode's QR code generator. Offers a free basic version, Pro and Pro+ plans for $15 and $60/month, and an enterprise-level tier.

Share links, make sales, take bookings

Paperform is much more than a link-in-bio tool

The 8 best Linktree alternatives


(Source: allows users to create a multifaceted homepage that not only houses links to various social media platforms but also allows content embedding from sources like Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

This approach enables you to present a more engaging snapshot of your online presence. Beyond social links, also provides a profile section, a signup form, and more, making it a versatile option for influencers, creators, and businesses.

While they don't publicly list pricing information on their website, users can explore's features through a free plan, with premium features likely available for an additional cost.

2. Lnk.Bio

(Source: Lnk.Bio)

The standout feature of Lnk.Bio is its Zapier integration and API access, enabling automation and extensive customization. This makes Lnk.Bio an excellent choice for tech-savvy users who want to maximize their link-in-bio utility.

Beyond custom links, Lnk.Bio also supports media embedding, allowing users to incorporate music and videos into their profile. They offer a free plan with basic features, and their paid plans are quite affordable.

The cheapest paid plan starts at just $0.99 per month, and they also offer two lifetime plans for $9.99 and $24.99 respectively. These cost-effective options, combined with its rich feature set, make Lnk.Bio an enticing option for users looking for a comprehensive, value-for-money link-in-bio tool.


(Source: is a user-friendly platform designed to let professionals showcase their personal brand. The platform's strength lies in its simplicity, making it an excellent choice for freelancers seeking to create a clean, polished online presence quickly.

Essential features include a bio profile, a contact form, and the ability to add links to social profiles. As for pricing, offers a free basic plan, providing you with a straightforward, elegant page.

If you want to step up your branding, they also have a Pro plan for $8 per month, which includes a custom domain, more customization options, an image gallery, and more.


(Source: stands out for its versatility, catering to both individuals and brand managers with a host of customization options. It provides users with unlimited link buttons, images, text, and a selection of pre-made themes on its free plan.

For those seeking more professional features, offers a Pro plan at $7 per month plus $1.50 per seat. This plan includes up to three profiles, integrations, schedule links, and contact forms, giving you a robust online presence.

For those needing an even broader reach, the Pro+ plan at $24 per month offers six profiles and a full suite of features—including tracking and analytics.

5. Carrd

(Source: Carrd)

Carrd is the go-to platform if you're all about creating sleek, minimalist, and light landing pages that sit between a website and a link-in-bio site. Carrd comes packed with features, and a range of templates that you can browse without signing up.

While the default Carrd experience is totally free, it's quite barebones. You can upgrade to Pro for $19 per year to unlock custom domains, forms, widgets and embeds, and other design upgrades.

Perfect for personal profiles, simple business landing pages, or even compact event invitations, Carrd is all about simplicity, elegance, and functionality

6. Paperform

(Source: Paperform)

Are you in search of a platform that's more than just a link hub? Enter Paperform. Paperform is technically a form builder, but it's flexibility empowers you to make personalized landing pages, forms, online storefronts, and much more.

Paperform strikes a sweet balance between simplicity and power. Its easy-to-use editor lets you build stunning, custom pages without needing a degree in web design. But where Paperform truly shines is in its feature set: accept payments, schedule appointments, add a contact form, and even embed videos or images—all in one place.

Whether you're a freelancer looking to showcase your portfolio, a small business owner wanting to streamline customer bookings, or an influencer ready to engage your audience, Paperform is designed to meet diverse needs. Pricing starts at $20 per month, but the value it brings to your online presence? Priceless.

Important: To create a hyperlinked button in Paperform, you'll have to upload an image and link your desired URL. A free tool like Canva or Figma is a great way to create buttons that'll look great on your Paperform link-in-bio page.

Share links, make sales, take bookings

Paperform is much more than a link-in-bio tool

(Source: Taplink)

Taplink lets you create more than just a list of links; it offers a mini-website right within your bio link. With features like text, images, videos, forms, and the option to accept payments, Taplink offers a broader canvas to paint your online persona.

The platform also comes with over 300 templates, saving you time while ensuring your page looks stellar. The free version offers the basics, but the Pro plan, at $36 per year, adds scheduled displayed blocks, HTML blocks, and more.

If you're looking for a more business-oriented plan, the $72 per year Business plan offers pro-level branding, your own domain, and a dedicated CRM system. At that point though, you probably just want to build a website.

8. Flowpage

(Source: Flowpage)

Flowpage by Flowcode service extends the functionality of Flowcode's signature QR code generator. The default link-in-bio tool is simple, but you can connect it with your Flowcode to lead users to your Flowpage, and simplify the connection between physical and digital spaces, which is a unique feature.

Apart from that, it's pretty standard fare. What makes Flowpage standout is just how quick it is to get started—just enter your social links on their homepage and it'll generate a basic link-in-bio page for you—and also the wacky design options.

For businesses (like the NBA, who are users) who require more comprehensive services, Flowpage offers Pro and Pro+ plans for  $15 and $60 per month. These include detailed analytics, unlimited codes, and premium customer support. An enterprise-level tier is also available for larger operations.

Get linked today

Navigating the landscape of personal webpage builders doesn't have to be tricky. From simple link-sharing to fully fledged mini-websites, there's an option for everyone. And hey, while you're checking out alternatives, don't forget about Paperform.

With its versatile features and easy-to-use editor, it's a good choice for anyone looking to level up their online presence—and get more bang for your buck. Start your free trial with Paperform today and experience the difference yourself.

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