The 7 best Discord integrations in 2023

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Eliza Frakes

There are plenty of elements of gamer culture that don’t work in everyday life: breaking bricks for money, eating mushrooms for every ailment, and respawning after death. Luckily, chatting on Discord is an exception to the rule.

What started as a “Slack for gamers” has quickly grown into a helpful communication tool for content creators, startups, educators and small businesses alike.

In light of our new integration, we thought we’d curate a list of the best Discord integrations so you can spend less energy on manual processes, and free up time to hang out with your friends and communities.

What is Discord?

(Image Source: Discord)

Discord was originally created as a chat platform for video games. But by marrying the best features of team communication apps like Slack, it has evolved beyond gaming to become a home for any type of community—from dance classes and book clubs to digital conventions.

If you’ve used Slack, Discord will be fairly familiar. They work in a similar way—you can create spaces (called Servers) where you can invite teammates, coworkers or friend groups and chat through public and private messaging, voice calls and video chat.

Discord servers are private, invite-only spaces that can be based around any topic, making it a viable tool for just about anyone to use for work, or personal use (or both!). You can download the app for free, or access the same functionality through any web browser.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for an alternative to Slack, a teacher wanting to send class updates to students, or just looking for a place to hang with mates, Discord can help you connect with your community.

How do you manage Discord integrations?

Integrations are a great way to automate repetitive tasks between Discord and other apps you use and personalise your servers for users.

To get started you’ll first need to create a server, which we’ll assume you know how to do (press the “+” button on the left sidebar in the Discord app). With your server setup you can start to add and manage webhooks and integrations:

  1. Click the dropdown menu next to your Server and select ‘Server Settings’.
  2. Navigate to ‘Integrations’ in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Customize your server with integrations!

The Integrations page is where you can manage bots, webhooks, and other apps that you add to your server. If you’re a streamer, this is also where you can manage your YouTube and Twitch integrations.

Because Discord doesn’t have an integration library to choose from you’ll need to set up each individually. For example, the Paperform and Discord integration is set up and managed within the Paperform editor.

7 best Discord integrations to supercharge your server

Whether you’re managing a friend’s group or your workforce, running a Discord Server takes time and effort.

The following integrations will help look after tedious tasks for you so you can free up time for doing more of what matters to you—whether that’s concentrating on work, or playing the latest video game.

Ready to check out the best Discord integrations in 2022? Let’s get to it.

1. Paperform Discord Integration

The Paperform Discord integration empowers you to cut down on all the repetitive tasks that come with managing a community, so you can spend less time on boring busy work and more time on things that matter.

With our brand-spankin' new Discord integration you can automatically send form submission data to your servers as direct or channel messages, or even use the data to create new threads.

Here are just a few actions you might look after:

  • Collect applications for an esports tournament and share them in Discord.
  • Automate team introductions by sharing responses to a welcome form.
  • Share quiz results straight to students via direct message.
  • Send a message each time someone purchases a product.

These are just a few ideas to get started—the options are vast and tailored to your individual use cases to make your work, and life, that little bit easier.

The Discord integration is live across all Paperform accounts—head to After Submission > Integrations & Webhooks to get started, and check out the Help Center link below for a step-by-step guide on getting started.

→ How do I integrate with Discord?

2. Zapier Discord Integration

zapier logo plus discord logo

Discord has quite a limited range of direct integrations, but you can expand these by connecting with a third-party integration platform like Zapier. With Zapier you can connect with thousands of popular apps, from Google Sheets to Trello, without any code.

For example, by connecting to Trello you could have a Discord message sent each time you're assigned a card, or when an existing task is altered. You could trigger similar automations each time you add a contact in ActiveCampaign or post a new YouTube video.

Automations like these bring all your tools together so you can cut down on back-and-forth between apps and free up time for work or play. Just keep in mind that, unlike other integrations on this list, Zapier comes with a (modest) fee.

3. YouTube Discord Integration

YouTube logo + Discord logo

Discord's direct integration with YouTube is geared towards streamers and their audiences, but it can be helpful for any type of video content creator.

The integration allows you to create a dedicated Discord channel for anyone who subscribes to your YouTube channel to hang out in. This is a great way to engage directly with your community, and give your viewers a bit of extra love.

Discord is also trialling a new Watch Together feature that allows users to watch YouTube videos together and create a shared video queue. At the moment this is part of an experiment so some users may not have access to it just yet.

4. Twitch Discord Integration

Twitch logo + Discord logo

Much like Discord, Twitch started as a streaming platform aimed at gamers, but has since grown into a destination where people can stream almost anything, from personal training sessions to home cooking shows.

The integration works much like the YouTube one, allowing Twitch subs to be automatically added to a members-only Discord channel. Streamers and their subscribers can then chat and interact beyond the stream.

Discord's Twitch integration is part of StreamKit, a collection of integrations that are designed to make it easy for streamers to engage with their fans. Other apps include Nightbot, OBS, and XSplit.

5. Zendesk Discord Integration

Zendesk logo + Discord logo

With Zendesk's Discord integration you can offer personalised customer support directly from your Discord server. Once installed, you can send direct messages, collect email addresses, and set up an automated answer bot to resolve questions.

For every request, Zendesk automatically creates a ticket number and stores the customer's email address, so your customer support agents can keep track of conversations across apps.

To install the Zendesk Discord integration head to this link and follow the steps. Beware that you need admin permissions in both apps to set it up—if you get stuck, you can always consult the documentation.

6. Patreon Discord Integration

Patreon logo + Discord logo

Patreon is a subscription service that gives artists and content creators the tools to monetize their work and connect with their supporters. Win-win.

The Patreon and Discord integration makes this even easier by allowing creators to offer an invite-only chat channel to Patreon subscribers. It's a great avenue for the creators to engage directly with subscribers, and for subscribers to bond over their shared interests.

To set up the integration, you'll need to add Discord as a connected app from your Patreon account. When that's done, you can automatically add subscribers to your Discord server, or set it to be unlocked only on certain payment tiers.

Note: subscribers will also need to connect Discord from their Patreon accounts in order to be added to the channel.

7. ClickUp Discord Integration

ClickUp logo + Discord logo

Tired of leaving Discord to see your tasks or to-do list? With ClickUp's integration, you can make switching tabs a thing of the past, by adding updates straight to your channels or DMs.

You can choose to receive notifications when tasks are created, attachments and comments are added, and when the status is changed or altered in ClickUp. You can also have messages sent to members of your team when you assign a task.

Having these notifications sent straight to Discord keeps the mass of notifications across apps at bay (we could all do with fewer red dots in our lives), and ensures you and your team stay up to date and on task.

To get started with the ClickUp Discord integration, head to the Integrations page from your ClickUp Workspace, select Discord, and follow the prompts.

Level up your Discord server today

Whether you're a content creator, a streamer, a teacher or a small business owner, Discord has a little something for everyone.

But maintaining a community takes time and effort. The integrations on this list can ease that burden, and give you back your time so you can spend it on things that matter—whether that's hanging with your family or playing video games.

Ready to level up Discord and take back your time today? The Paperform Discord integration is now live across all accounts—just log in to get creating. If you're not a customer yet, you can sign up for our 14-day free trial to give it a go.

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