Esports Tournament Application Form Template

If you're organizing an esports tournament, you might be searching for an elegant solution to streamline the application process. Look no further than Paperform. We even created this beautiful (and extremely detailed) esports tournament application form template to help you get started. Click the button "Use this template" to make it yours.

Once you start customizing this form, you might notice that Paperform's interface is very intuitive and straightforward to use. Head over to the "Theme" section to change the look and feel of your form. You can also freely add, remove, or rearrange form fields. Changing the order or number of form-pages takes just a few clicks as well.

Paperform also enables you to automate other work-processes related to submitting and processing applications. For example, you might use Paperform's built-in email automation feature to send out application confirmations and summaries. Also, thanks to 1000+ available integrations, it's possible to synchronize all the submitted information with third-party apps like Google Sheets or CRM systems.