Waitlist Form Template

Do you want to create a waitlist form for your new business or a startup company? Customize this Paperform's form template and make it yours.

First of all, customize your form's colors and add your company's logo (of course, if you have one already). You can also tweak fonts, add background images to your form, and embed a YouTube video.

Then, add your question fields. There are more than 20 question-fields to choose from. You can use specialized fields to collect emails, addresses, phone numbers, and even signatures. Editing forms in Paperform feels just like writing an online document. The interface is very straightforward, allowing you to add questions or page breaks in just a few clicks.

Finally, you can allow your waitlist subscribers to pre-order your product or support your project with a donation. Paperform integrates with Stripe, Square, Braintree, and PayPal, making it easy to collect payments online upon the submission of your form.