Tip Calculator Template

If you've stumbled on this page, you must be looking to build a custom tip calculator. Did we guess it right? Oh well, then we've got some good news for you — our team at Paperform has made this task very easy for you. Instead of coding a custom calculator from scratch, you can use this beautiful ready-made template below. Click the button "Use this template" to get started.

We split this tip calculation form into two pages. Two questions are waiting to be filled out on the first page: open-ended "Total Bill" field, and a scale for "Rate Your Experience". Based on these variables, the form automatically calculates the tip amount and displays it on the second page. There are also a couple of additional fields allowing the respondents to sign up for your newsletter.

While editing your form, you can easily customize the variables and form fields to your needs and preferences. Paperform's calculations feature is very intuitive and doesn't require you to be a coder or a math genius. And should you run into any roadblocks or questions, don't hesitate to contact our team through the live chat in the bottom right corner.