Team Registration Form Template

Create a beautiful form to let teams sign up for a competition. The first question might be a multiple-choice field allowing your responders to choose whether it's a new or a returning team.

You might then use simple conditional logic to customize your form's flow based on that first answer. For example, if it's a new team, you might require your responder to upload their team-logo and any other additional files that you need to get the team set up.

Always use specialized question-fields to collect information like phone numbers, addresses, or emails. That will ensure that the data is properly formatted in Paperform's system.

Also, you can automate any follow-up messages through Paperform: like sending your responders a copy of their submission, any vital information about the competition, or even a reminder in a few weeks that the competition is about to begin.

If there's a fee to charge, you can quickly and securely accept payments via Square, Stripe, PayPal or Braintree.

Get started now and make this team registration template yours!