Petty Cash Request Form Template

Having petty cash request form on hand is convenient and necessary for most businesses. While we all wish petty cash were 'free' money, it still needs to be tracked and reconciled by your accounting department.

Want to make requesting the purchase of products or services online frictionless?

Modify this Paperform template and make it yours.

To begin with, you'll need to figure out what kind of information you are looking to collect. When customising our petty cash request form template, you can use any of the 27+ question fields best suited. However, pay special attention to the following form fields that we have already included in the template:

  • Use the Date Field to collect information like the full names of your responders and descriptions of the child.
  • Use the Dropdown Field if you want the respondent to select a specific response. For example, what department they're from.
  • Use the Price Field to get a fixed price or to include a payment where the respondent enters the amount. You can either connect it to a payment gateway, or the form simply calculates the total without charging the user.
  • Signature can capture respondents' consent electronically. However, it is only available on our Pro and Agency plans. If you are on essentials, you can use the yes/no field.

For more information on what question fields to use, check out our blog article on survey questions.

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