Groceries Order Form Template

If you're running an independent grocery store, you might be looking to diversify your income and sales channels by delivering groceries to your customers' door. While setting up an online ordering system might seem like a complicated task, don't worry, we've got you covered.

We created this turnkey groceries order form to simplify the whole process for you. Simply click the button "Use this template" to import it into your Paperform account. You can then replace the company's logo with your own, add a personal message for your customers, and customize the products offered in your store.

You might have noticed that different form-fields show up depending on whether the responders want to pick up their groceries or have them delivered. You can easily modify these questions or set up your own logic under the "Configure" menu of your form. There's also a hidden-from-users calculation field that automatically generates a unique order-number upon the form submission.

Should you have any questions about Paperform, don't hesitate to contact our team through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.