Geography Quiz Template

Hello you, geography whiz! Are you looking to create your own quiz to play with students, friends, or family? Well, then you've landed on the right website. Instead of starting from a blank page, you can just customize this beautiful geography quiz template that we've prepared for you at Paperform. To get started, click the button "Use this template" below.

This template contains a total of 18 geography questions, divided into two sections. You surely have noticed that the form has enabled the "one question at a time" mode (if you wish, you can easily switch to the standard form behavior in the theme settings). While filling out the quiz, your respondents can't see whether they've answered correctly or wrong. However, at the very end, they're shown a message "You scored a total of X / 18" (this score is calculated automatically).

Have fun! And should you have any questions about Paperform (oh geography), just reach out to our team via live chat in the bottom right corner.