Equipment Request Form Template

In your organisation, are your employees regularly needing to borrow or reallocate equipment?

If so, it's worth putting that manual process onto autopilot and reducing your busywork. We have created this equipment request form template to help you get started faster.

This form template assumes that your responders are borrowing one or more items at a time, will need the item dropped off and that the items are free. If you're charging money, you can connect your payments account to the products field, and you're ready to charge a fee for the product. Paperform securely integrates with major payment gateways like Stripe, Square, PayPal and Braintree.

While we designed this equipment request form around construction, you can easily tailor the template to suit your needs, whether you're supplying sports or office equipment. Add your background, tweak the colours, modify the products, and add any of our 27+ question fields. You could even add an appointment question to your form.

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