Employee Coaching Form Template

If you're a busy manager or a human resources professional, you probably know how challenging employee coaching can be, especially when there are multiple people that you're managing directly. One of the biggest challenges is remembering all the little details and nuances that get uncovered during the 1-1 meetings with your employees.

We created this employee coaching form to help you organize that process even better. It's a responsive form that you might keep open on your laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone during the 1-1 session. It might be a good idea to take concise notes of anything that matters during the meeting, just make sure that you're not too distracted. Once the coaching session is finished, simply hit the submit button to save the responses in your cloud account. You might also leverage a direct integration between Paperform and Google Sheets to synchronize all the data automatically.

Finally, you can also use Paperform as a scheduling tool for your employee coaching sessions. Check out this other form template that showcases how appointments work: Scheduling Form Template.