Customer Effort Score Survey Template

Customer effort score (CES) survey is a type of a customer satisfaction survey which is used to measure the ease of using your products or services. It's important to understand that the customer effort score doesn't measure the customer happiness or loyalty, it's merely an indicator of the ease of your customers' interactions with you.

With this Paperform's template you can start creating your customer effort score survey in just one click.

Pay attention that the form features just two fields. The first Likert scale question asks the responders to grade the ease of getting help. The second question is open-ended and asks for more details about their experience. The latter question uses conditional logic to display different text based on the responder's answer to the first question:

  • 1-2 — We're sorry about that. What could we do better?
  • 3 — It looks like it wasn't particularly easy nor difficult. What would have made it easier?
  • 4-5 — Great! Can you tell us what we did right?