Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

This survey template might be useful if you want to measure how satisfied your customers are with their purchases. To import the template into your Paperform account, simply hit the "Use this template" button.

First of all, customize the look and feel of your survey. Add your company's logo, change colors, and tweak fonts. Your customers need to relate and immediately understand what the survey is all about and what company stands behind it.

You might use conditional logic to show or hide certain questions or question-groups based on your responders' answers. For example, the first question of your form might ask whether they are satisfied with their purchase. Depending on the answer, different follow-up questions would appear.

An efficient way to measure customer satisfaction is to use scale questions. They allow your responders to reply with a score on a scale of X to X. You can include number, words, or even emojis in your scale. This field can also be used as a Net Promoter Score.