Customer Contact Form Template

No matter what kind of business you're running — you need an online contact form to allow your customers to get in touch with you quickly. We created this form template to help you create one in just a few minutes.

This contact form features a number of different fields:

  • Text fields to collect customers' names and surnames.
  • Specialized email and phone number fields to collect contact information.
  • An additional address field.
  • Dropdown field to let them select the product concerned.
  • An open-ended text field allowing them to provide more details about their request.

You can easily customize this template and remove those fields that you don't need. Our research has shown that shorter contact forms have higher completion rates. And yet, it's important to collect all the necessary information that you need to help your customers. If that requires a few additional questions, it might be totally worth it.

Check out another Paperform's contact form template (which is a bit shorter, and features a file upload question): Contact Us Form.