Contact Us Form Template

Most of the websites have one thing in common — they have a "Contact Us" form embedded somewhere. That makes sense; after all, having a web presence is useless unless people can quickly contact you.

The most effective contact forms are simple yet effective, allowing your visitors to leave a quick note together with their contact information. The template below goes the extra mile and allows your responders also to attach any relevant files — that might be a handy feature depending on the type of your business.

You can easily customize that contact us form template to match your company's branding and digital identity. Consider tweaking fonts, colors, and adding a relevant image at the top of your form. You can also tweak the text of the "Submit" button (for example, change it to "Send Your Message").

All form submissions are stored securely in your Paperform account. You can, however, easily integrate your forms with third-party apps like Google Sheets.