Appraisal Form Template

Use this online appraisal form template to collect all the necessary information to estimate the worth of something. This particular appraisal form was created for real estate agents — but you can easily make it yours. Just click the button Use this template below to import that template into your Paperform account and start editing it.

You can easily use that interactive appraisal form for lead generation. For example, a real estate company might embed that form on its website to quickly capture all the information about the properties. Once submitted, the agent might be reviewing the information in the real-time and getting back to the potential customers.

Alternatively, you might use Paperform's scoring or calculations to calculate and display an estimate price immediately. For example, the estimate might be as simple as multiplying the number of bedrooms by $XXXX — just let your leads know that you will get back to them with a more precise number later.