Calculations Example (Pricing) Form

Simplify complex calculations for your business with this dynamic Custom Price Calculator Template that calculates an answer based on user input. It uses familiar Excel-style functions and math to combine, transform and manipulate answers live on your forms.

This flexible interactive calculator is an example of how you can use Paperform’s Calculations. It uses a calculation field to determine the total price of a rental period. The customer simply needs to choose their preferred room size from the given options and insert the number of nights they’d like to stay. The calculation will update live on the form to showcase the total price.

You can modify this custom calculator to lots of different use cases that fit your business. For example, if you’re selling products online, you can use this template logic to add a calculated custom shipping price to the total price based on the user's answers. Or you can set up discounts based on the quantity of products ordered. You can even use it as a price quote calculator. The options are endless.

This template is fully customizable so you can change the text, questions, visuals, and calculation fields to best suit your needs. If you need to collect more information from your potential customers using this cost calculator, you can also add input fields for their email addresses and contact details. Once you’re ready to publish the template, you can easily embed it on your website so your customers can use it without leaving your site.

Calculations Example (Pricing) Form FAQs

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